Adam Lind breaks up with Taylor Halbur and moves in with NEW girlfriend!

Posted on Jun 23 2014 - 8:49pm by TeenMomTruth

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In an absolutely shocking twist of events, Adam Lind has moved in with his girlfriend of one month, Jessica.

Adam and his baby-mama number 2, Taylor Halbur have been off and on for the biggest part of their relationship in the couple of years they’ve known each other.  While that may not be very unusual in young couples, it IS unusual once you have a child together, and then to actually MOVE IN with yet ANOTHER new girlfriend!

Adam’s new girlfriend, Jessica is making it NO secret that she is absolutely in love with the father of two.  She continuously posts on Instagram, and is professing her love for him daily.

It’s pretty shocking that Adam continues to make such rash decisions both legally, and personally.  Aside from the constant legal troubles he is in, his personal love life is ALWAYS drama.  The problem is that he has two little girls he’s dragging into that now.

Chelsea never wanted Aubree to have to get to know another random girlfriend of Adam’s, let alone deal with him having another child, but NOW she has a half sister who’s mother isn’t even still dating her father.  What a nightmare!  Adam doesn’t seem to be making the best choices.

After only one month of dating, these two moved in together, and Adam has even introduced Jessica to both of his daughters.

download (29)Jessica posted this picture to her Instagram, and you’ll notice MTV camera’s in the background filming.  This means when the new season of Teen Mom 2 starts next month, we will see Adam and Jessica’s relationship unfold on television.

This seems to be a huge mess, and it’s unclear how Chelsea and Taylor are feeling, but I imagine they are not very happy.  Jessica posted this photo of her and Adam’s new place to her Instagram:


Stay tuned, as we will bring you updates because we just have a feeling Chelsea or Taylor will be speaking out soon.