Ashley Salazar is already showing in her second pregnancy!

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 12:27am by TeenMomTruth

Just a few weeks ago, Ashley Salazar announced her second pregnancy with long time boyfriend, Justin Lane.  Ashley and Justin gave birth to daughter, Callie just four years ago so it wouldn’t be a surprise that pregnancy is sort of new all over again this time around.

Ashley tweeted an Instagram photo over the weekend with the caption, “Was wondering why my belly was growing way quicker this time around.  I didn’t know your body progresses faster the second time.  I thought it’s because I hadn’t worked out in a few months at first.  But looks like I’ll be carrying high this time if not higher?  I can’t wait to get out in the sun this summer though! Oh and on Friday I’ll be 7 weeks and have first sono.”


At 7 weeks pregnant, and a belly that is already starting to show, sounds like Ashley may have a beautiful large baby bump by end of summer!  We will keep you posted on her progress, and bring you all the updates as we receive them!

In the meantime, Ashley has started blogging about this pregnancy again!  Check her out at