Catelynn Lowell’s boyfriend Tyler Baltierra stirs up controversy with new Instagram photo!

Posted on Jan 26 2014 - 10:32pm by TeenMomTruth

tylercurvyMonday, Tyler Baltierra tweeted an Instagram picture with the caption, “…’this was standard’ Can we go back please? Gotta love a woman with curves like that #BornInTheWrongDecade #ThatisAREALWoman” Immediately, Tyler started receiving backlash from fans who were outraged that he was adding to the stereotypes of society and why our society has body image issues.  Tyler is lucky, because his girlfriend Catelynn is gorgeous and curvy.  She is beautiful, and is just the kind of woman he likes.  Many woman on his Instagram were not happy with Tyler, though.  They continued to make comments about Tyler not being a “real man” because he was skinner than most men.  Although Tyler maybe wasn’t TRYING to offend people, we can understand why some would be.  It seems Tyler was just trying to encourage woman to have better self image, and not feel the need to conform to the “skinny is in” attitude that our society has adopted.  Many fans did come to his defense though, stating that they were proud of Tyler’s views, and to not be ashamed of them.  We here at Teen mom Truth love Tyler, and understand where he was coming from!  How do YOU feel?