Jenelle Evans speaks out after video release: WE ARE MORE IN LOVE THAN EVER!

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 12:09am by TeenMomTruth

JenelleNathanThursday’s explosive release of a video published by Radar Online shocked fans across social media.  The video shows Jenelle in the bath tub and secretly recording boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.  Nathan is heard yelling at Jenelle while in the middle of an argument, and at one point even tells her to “get out”!  Social media went wild assuming that Nathan and Jenelle are on the rocks, and that Jenelle is a victim of a verbally abusive boyfriend.

Teen Mom Truth spoke exclusively with Jenelle, who is revealing more details about the video now.  For starters, the video was recorded last fall.  Many people will remember Jenelle and Nathan going through a rough patch during a time when Nathan’s ex girlfriend, Briana Doris was constantly texting him.  Jenelle and Nathan had several heated arguments during that time, because the stress of exes was creeping into the relationship.  Eventually they worked through all of that, and made the necessary changes to their relationship so that outside influences couldn’t effect them.

One source tells us that Nathan is very embarrassed by the video, and has apologized to Jenelle for months over the incident.  Jenelle had secretly recorded it in the moment because she was emotional and upset, and she had never witnessed Nathan so angry.  Since that night, however, Nathan has apologized and they’ve moved on months ago.

It’s unfortunate the video is now being released, but unfortunately, Jenelle’s estranged husband got his hands on it, and pitched it to Radar Online.  Jenelle and Nathan knew the video was coming out, and weren’t too worried about it because of how old it was, and because they have worked through those rough couple of months long ago.  Jenelle and Nathan were at a charity football game when the news broke, but they were prepared for it, so didn’t let it effect the rest of their evening.

Jenelle even tweeted a picture, telling fans, “Sorry to break it to u, but our relationship is stronger than some petty bullshit.”  She later tweeted to a fan, “trust me, I’m so mad at myself right now… I have trust issues very badly.  I’ve been blackmailed by exes so badly in the past so I felt as if I needed to…it was so wrong of me.”

Jenelle tell us exclusively, “I shouldn’t have ever recorded the video but at the time I was emotional, and paranoid.  I’ve been burned so many times, but that was so long ago at this point.  Nathan screwed up, and after that awful fight, he apologized for days over it.  We got out of that rough patch a while ago, and things are so much better now.  We are stronger than ever.  You live and you learn.  Everyone goes through bad moments you know? I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and Nathan is the love of my life, and that’s all that matters at this point.”

We have to agree with Jenelle.  Every couple goes through ups and downs, anger, temper, screaming matches, and fights.  Not everyone has their life displayed for millions of viewers, so it’s hard living under a microscope the way these young people do.

We wish you all the best of luck in 2014 and for the birth of Kaiser!