Kailyn Lowry Finds Out Ex-Boyfriend Jo Rivera Moved In With His Girlfriend Vee

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 3:21am by Ashley Salazar

Kailyn Lowry has a great home, children, husband and life. She seems to have moved on from the baby-daddy, Jo Rivera, despite their back-and-forth relationship fans saw in Teen Mom 2, so how did she find out that he moved in with his girlfriend and why is she upset about it?

“Actually Isaac told me last week that Vee moved in,” Kailyn exclusively told Wetpaint. “There’s a little bit of drama with that.”

But why? Kailyn Lowry has never really liked Jo’s girlfriend, Vee Torres, since she was introduced on Teen Mom 2 and she definitely doesn’t want her acting as a mother figure for Isaac – but should that matter?

“I’m way over it,” Kailyn revealed. “Looking back on Season 4 I kind of realized how immature I acted about it. I still have the same feelings that I did, but I could have went about it a little bit better. And now I’m way over it, and he’s gonna do what he’s gonna do regardless.”

As long as Vee is careful and treats Isaac nicely and fairly that should be okay. In a way, it seems like she still has that soft spot for Jo because if it’s not Vee it will be another woman, but surely Kailyn has her reasons. At least she revealed that she doesn’t trust Vee, but trusts Jo to not put Isaac in harm’s way.