Matt McCann BROKE & petitioning the court for reduction in child support!

Posted on May 21 2014 - 12:07pm by TeenMomTruth


In a shocking turn of events, Teen Mom Truth has exclusively learned that Matt McCann has filed a petition with the court that oversees his child support case with ex, Alexandria Sekella.

Just a few short months ago, Teen Mom Truth reported that Matt had gotten a job working full time with good pay, and benefits.  Matt seemed to be extremely happy at the time that he was growing up, and taking care of responsibilities.  We aren’t sure what happened, but it’s clear that job didn’t work out because Matt is officially unemployed.

A source close to Matt tells Teen Mom Truth that Matt was ordered to pay $390 in child support a month back in November of 2013.  At the time, Matt supposedly had a job with benefits so that was the amount the judge deemed necessary.  At the time, his potential earnings were estimated to be $1500 a month, and Matt has now told the judge that the most he ever made in a single two-week period paycheck was $275.

Matt has now officially filed a petition asking the judge to reduce his child support, claiming that he is unemployed and broke.  The real question is why is he unemployed?  Fast food places, retail shops, and other commercialized businesses are always hiring, so the real problems is why is Matt not working so that he can help support his daughter.

Matt claims to want to get some sort of custody of his daughter, but he can’t even afford $390 a month in child support, when it takes a lot more than that to raise a child.  We hope that Matt will spend the next few months actively seeking employment and instead focus on trying to help support his daughter, instead of finding ways to get out of his financial obligation to her.

Stay tuned, as we will bring you the results after Matt and Alex have their court hearing on the matter.
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