Matt McCann files contempt charges on Alex Sekella! MISSES THE COURT DATE!

Posted on Jul 1 2014 - 12:03pm by TeenMomTruth

download (37)In a pretty irresponsible move, Matt McCann missed a VERY important court date yesterday.  You might wonder why?  It appears that he is still on vacation in Tennessee, visiting family and friends.

Last month, Matt filed Contempt charges against his ex, and baby-mama, Alex Sekella.

Yesterday’s court date, Matt was considered a no-show.  Do you think Matt was upset by this?  It doesn’t appear so!  His girlfriend, Lekota Koch took to facebook, telling fans, “F**cking pissed”.  When asked what was wrong, Lekota told her friends, “Because we should have went back to PA.  We should have went to Matt’s custody hearing.  It’s f**cking BS.”  A few hours later, Lekota was STILL frustrated, telling her friends, “And for once I wish I wasn’t the adult in every f**cking situation.”

Why would Matt miss a court hearing that HE initiated?  An emergency?  A situation he couldn’t help?  Nope.  According to his Instagram, Matt has been swimming, spending time lifting weights, and vacationing in Tennessee.  Can you blame his girlfriend for being upset at how responsible he is being?  We are positive Lekota has to spend hours listening to Matt complain about his current custody situation with his daughter, in spite of the fact that those stipulations were put in place because of his own actions.  So when you spend hours and days listening to your boyfriend complain about his ex, and how he doesn’t get to spend much time with his daughter, it would be VERY frustrating to watch him just casually miss an important court date.

The court date is now rescheduled for August, and we are told that the judge was NOT very happy whatsoever, that Matt was a no-show, especially considering it was his filing that initiated the court date to begin with.

Stay tuned as story develops.  We will bring you all the latest and breaking in the custody fight between Matt and Alex.