Matt McCann has NEW court date for STILL not paying child support!

Posted on Jul 1 2014 - 9:24pm by TeenMomTruth

mattIt’s safe to say that MTV’s Teen Mom 3 star, Matt McCann isn’t off to a very good summer.  We have now learned that Matt actually petitioned the court to have his child support reduced, even though it’s already considerably low and not up to par for what it takes to actually raise a child.

We have now learned that the judge dismissed Matt’s petition, so we now know his child support will NOT be lowered.  In fact, Matt now owe’s over $3000 in back child support for his daughter.  The question is why?  Why does Matt not have a job?

Matt was not very happy with TeenMomTruth when we published the article about his missed court date where he petitioned the court, and was attempting to file contempt charges on Alex.  He took to twitter letting fans know that he was in Tennessee actually trying to take care of some kids who’s parents weren’t around to care for them.  Even though his mother is there helping, and Matt isn’t employed in PA, he is in TN caring for children, as opposed to being back in PA actively looking for a job so that he can support his daughter.

We are not sure why Matt is still not employed, and not paying child support.  He doesn’t have any disabilities that we know of, and he seems to be spending most of his energy on trying to lower his child support obligation, instead of actually looking for a job to support his daughter.

Stay tuned as story develops..Matt is due in court July 10th for his failure to pay child support.