Ryan Edwards gets serious with girlfriend, Shelby Woods!

Posted on May 18 2014 - 11:26pm by TeenMomTruth


Ryan Edwards and his long time love, Shelby Woods, may have had a temporary break up just a few months ago, but they are more on track than ever before!

Last month Ryan accepted a job in Savannah, Georgia where he has to drive to Georgia for the work week, then comes home on weekends.  It appears he comes home most weekends to see his girlfriend, Shelby and his son, Bentley.

This last weekend, Ryan tweeted this picture of him, Shelby, and Bentley and captioned it, “to da jump park we go”!  They look like a very happy little family, and it appears Shelby must do really well with Bentley.  A few hours later, Ryan told fans, “Finally feel like I’m in a good place with my family my life and my girlfriend, love you guys!”

It sounds like things are going exceptionally well for Ryan and Shelby!  Could it be that wedding bells could be in the near future?!  Either way, we are happy to see things going so well for Ryan.  We were all bummed when things didn’t work out with he and Maci, but Shelby is a pretty good replacement if you ask us :)