Teen Mom deals with cheating husband AGAIN! Second time in two months!

Posted on Jun 12 2014 - 10:25pm by TeenMomTruth

Summer-Rewis-Pregnant-16-PregnantIn a shocking turn of events, 16 & Pregnant’s Summer Rewis is once again, dealing with a cheating husband.

You will remember two months ago, her husband, DJ, was caught cheating on her with another girl.  Summer actually walked in on him, but quickly decided to forgive him and work on the marriage.  Things seem to be going well, until today.

Summer tweeted to fans, “I guess it’s true..once a cheater always a cheater.”  Quickly fans began questioning Summer, and she did NOT hold back on the details of the affair.

Summer told fans, “I went and picked him up at her house, She told me everything.” She later said, “Coming home with a hickie on your neck is a great way to come home to your wife.”

Summer quickly let fans know that she doesn’t blame the girl, she blames her husband.  She said, “I dont blame her though.  He’s married to me.  Not her.”  Summer was lashing out on her ask.fm account, even telling one fan, “I hope he gets f&&cking aids”

Apparently when Summer caught him this time around, DJ didn’t even try to put up a defense.  Summer caught him AGAIN with the same girl, and this time his response was, “F**ck you, you’re a f**cking dumba$$.”  Wow, those are harsh words coming from a man who was supposed to be your husband, who you just caught cheating on your with the same girl AGAIN.

Stay tuned as story develops…because if history repeats itself, the details will change from day to day!

Something tells us Corey Si…